Technology Class

Using Technology to Collaborate, Communicate, and Create

Session 1 : February 14th

Exploration Topics

1. PQP (praise, question, polish)-student evaluation

Help students evaluate their own and others work

2. We Give Books

On-line books K-2 gives back to community. Use and reflect.

3.  Voki

Morning meeting, substitute messages, fun for kids. Try to do an electronic message.

4. Try a lesson from the rubric

(deliver lesson and reflect)
Take time to explore worth reading.

Session 2 : February 21st

Challenges of online assessment. Academic and technological.

Session 3: February 25th

CMAS and Parcc

Session 4: March 7th

Session 5: March 14


Session 6:  March 20

Constructed Response



Roy the Zebra

Session 7: Apri 1

Website Day

Session 8: April 11

Session 9: April 25

Session 10:



Digital Dot

Think Cerca